Manela. A chronicle of life in the Valley

Josep Enric Dallarès

The novel narrates the life of Manela, born at the beginning of the twentieth century in Andorra. Through the vital journey of the protagonist in Andorra, la Seu and Barcelona, we can trace the evolution and modernization of Andorran society throughout the last century. A personal and historical story that, through the protagonist, brings us closer to romantic and family love; an ode to friendship and family and a lament for the collapse of communal ties in contemporary society. A novel that has captivated hundreds of readers inside and outside the valleys of Andorra and that allows us to know the radical transformation that this Andorran and Pyrenean territory has experienced in the twentieth century.

AutorJosep Enric Dallarès
Traductor/aMaruxa Relaño
Idioma Anglès
ISBN 978-99920-65-16-7
Preu 19,50
Número de pàgines 344 pàgines
Any de la primera edició 2018
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