A history of Andorra in eleven key episodes

Oliver Vergés Pons

How did Andorra become the sovereign state it is today? What was the significance of the destruction of the Castle of Bragafolls? What roles have the bishops of Urgell, and the Caboet, Castellbò and Foix families played in Andorran history? What exactly is the Pariatge and what did it mean for the Principality of Andorra? What about the Manual Digest? To what extent have the inhabitants of the Valira valleys been the protagonists of the history of their country? This short history of Andorra addresses these questions in an informative, non-specialist manner, while maintaining the necessary rigor in its approach to the study of the past. It does so by narrating eleven episodes that will enable the reader to understand Andorra and how it has managed to survive as a free and sovereign state. These eleven key dates correspond to particular events or decisions that meant the very survival of Andorra as an entity and contributed to making the territory what it is today. A thousand years are chronicled here by describing the most important moments in the country’s history.

AutorOliver Vergés Pons
Idioma Anglès
ISBN 978-99920-65-13-6
Preu 15,00
Número de pàgines 124 pàgines
Any de la primera edició 2018
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